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Sunday Mass Times
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Childrens Liturgy of the Word
Sunday 8.00am St Joseph's
Sunday 9.30am Christ the King
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21st September
Youth Group 6.30pm

26th September
Parish Art and Craft Group 9.30am

1st-12th October
St Joseph's Church closed

2nd October
CWL meeting 9.30am

5th October
St Vincent de Paul meeting 8am

6th October
Liturgy Team meeting 10am

27th October
Plenary Council meeting 2-4pm


Community News

the Parish Finance Council has decided to proceed with a new floor surface for the Sanctuary at St. Joseph’s Church. The present very old and deteriorated carpet will be lifted, and replaced by a stone tiled surface. Work on this project is scheduled to commence on Monday 1st October and will take a full 10 working days.

This means that we will be unable to have Masses and services of any kind in St. Joseph’s Church between Monday 1st October to Friday 12th October. Weekday Masses during this period will all be celebrated at Christ the King Church, Graceville, at the usual times, as will any funerals that may occur. All four Masses on the weekend of 6th and 7th October will also be held at Christ the King Church, again at the usual times. I trust that advance notice of this project will allow you to plan ahead for these days and the one weekend affected. I’m confident that the results will be worth this small inconvenience to our routines.

Please see the current newsletter for further information.

Thank you to all who contributed and participated in last weekend’s celebrations of the 300th Anniversary of the birth of Nano Nagle, founder of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks to the parish choir and musicians, Christ the King School students, staff and parents, all involved in any way in the ministries of the Mass, and those who offered morning tea. Thanks to all religious who attended, parishioners and friends. A very special thanks to the Presentation Sisters, past and present, who have ministered in so many ways in our parish since 1937.

The flame of your lantern has glowed in our parish for over 80 years and will continue to shine its light upon all whom you have served and ministered to.


Fr Chris Skinner is a priest of the Society of Mary in New Zealand. Fr Chris’ role in the Society of Mary is in the formation of seminarians (trainees for the Marist priesthood). As a Marist priest, Fr Chris’ music is influenced greatly by his faith, his love of Scripture, his sense of God in the beauty of creation and his Marist spirituality.

Fr Chris composed Nano’s Song to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the death of Nano Nagle. The parish has sought permission to use this beautiful song for our celebrations honouring the 300th anniversary of Nano Nagle’s birth. Fr Chris is grateful to be able to continue to share his music and to now have all his music available online and accessible to a wider audience. Please visit his website

The parish Craft Circle is working to raise money for our sisters and brothers undergoing the terrible drought conditions in the Barcaldine Parish. Two craft stalls are to be held at the end of November, and we need plenty of assistance if they are to be a drought-busting success. Here is how you can help us help Barcaldine.• Make/ knit/ carve/ crochet/ paint/ sew/ glue/ stamp/ cut/ … craft items and donate them at the parish office by the 14th November.

  • Offer to be an extra pair of hands for the Craft Circle projects already on the go.
  • Be available at the end of either the 8am Mass 18th November or the 9:30am Mass 25th November to spend or make a cash donation.

For further information have a chat with Teresa Loh, Rachel Carr, Aileen Potts or Patrice Gillespie, or contact them through the parish office.

The parish will be holding a facilitated session for the upcoming Plenary Council. Rob Cosgrove from Evangelisation Brisbane will guide parishioners through the process to be held at St Joseph’s Hall Corinda, 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 27th October. Please keep this date free in order to attend this important session.

St Joseph’s Tennis Courts are available for hire 7 days including most school hours. $7 per hour daylight hours and $10 per hour under lights. To book, contact Jacki on 3122 1763 or text 0431 941 318.

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